Refer a Friend Program

The Refer a Friend Program allows you to set a person as your referrer! This gives you a free CL50 character,
a 15 use 30 minute XP chip for 100% XP bonus, and also gives a token to your referrer to be used for collections.

Your first step is to really think about which character you wish to use the free CL50 on.
This decision should not be made lightly. Some people prefer to use it on their trader to save on resources,
while some people prefer to use it on their combat toon to get to fighting immediately.

The next step is to find the person who referred you, a player that has helped you out, or just pick a random person.
Target the character you would like to set as your referrer. Type "/refer" without the quotes and press enter.
This will give you a Holocron of Knowledge as well as an Experience Chip.
To use the holocron, just open your inventory, and right click on it, then select Level Up.
To use the XP chip, just right click on it and select Use.

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