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Thread: Game Update 0.5.0

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    Game Update 0.5.0

    Hello Everyone:

    The Indominus Server will be taken offline on Sunday, March 4th, 2018 @ 3:00PM EST, so Game Update 0.5.0 can be pushed. A simple restart is expected, no real downtime, though this may change depending on situations.

    Patch Notes

    Bug Fixes
    • [Fixed] System message when a bounty hunter kills a player target.
    • [Fixed] Issue where a Nightsister Spell Weaver would spawn inside a tree on Dathomir.
    • [Fixed] Issue where the Spy ‘Steal’ ability would not give credits.
    • [Fixed] Issue with new characters becoming bugged. Characters now spawn with their correct gear, level, and starting quest

    Bounty Hunter
    • [Added] Mails are now sent to players who placed a bounty on a target that has successfully been hunted.

    • [Changed] Hoth Radio from No-Trade to Tradeable.

    • [Changed] General Airstrike ability so it’s usable indoors.

    • [Added] Decay timer viewable for officer stims when examined. This time will show as “Time Remaining”, just like on live.

    • [Added] Emperor’s Hand spawn and death system alerts for players on Rori.
    • [Added] Anti-Bot system. Only one character per account can enter the Restuss PvP zone.

    Veteran Rewards
    • [Changed] Unclaimed Veteran Reward Tokens so they now stack everytime a character is logged in every 24 hours. When a player uses the getvet command, they recieve all of their unclaimed tokens.
    • [Changed] Mouse Droid familiar to give 40 constitution and 40 stamina.
    • [Changed] Mynock familiar to give 40 agility and 40 luck.

    • [Refactored] Lots of code and clean up for increased server stability. (Please let me know if you notice anything weird that wasn’t happening before this patch.)

    One or more of these changes require a game patch. Please run your launcher and patch the client before you run the game.

    May the Force be with you all!

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