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Thread: Multiple Account Guidelines

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    Multiple Account Guidelines

    Multiple Account are NOT ALLOWED. You may only have one (1) account, per person, per household. Additional accounts that are created, without authorization, will be terminated, with the original account, receiving an infraction for having an unauthorized, multiple account. Exceptions to this guideline can be made, should you have a multi-person, household, wishing to play on the servers of SWG: Vision of Hope.

    Multiple Account Authorizations can and will be revoked, for any account that fails to maintain, good standing, status.

    Authorization for Multiple Accounts can be requested through Multiple Account Support Services. Make sure that you answer each question that the ticket asks, with as much detail as possible. CSR Staff will reject all requests that have missing information.

    Although, we are not requiring to see proof of ownership, related to SWG Disc Sets, we do need to see a picture of the people that will be playing, both right hands or both left hands are fine, also holding something that shows the account name and email , for each person.

    Some examples of easy methods for picture uploads are: http://imgur.com/ or https://gyazo.com/download. Simply post the link in your ticket, where it asks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Example Ticket
    Hello. I would like to get a 2nd account approved for my wife. My username is LukeSkywalker and her username is PrincessLeia. Our IP is 12.XX4.56X.89.
    *Insert Picture showing both players holding their own forum name ( 2 pieces of paper with a forum name on each ) in their right hand.*
    Thank you for your time.
    For more information, feel free to contact a member of CSR Staff for clarification.

    -SWG: Vision of Hope Staff
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