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Thread: Friday Feature - Know Your Enemy

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    Friday Feature - Know Your Enemy

    The galaxy can be a dangerous place for an adventurer setting out on a mission! If you're a new or returning player to Star Wars Galaxies, you should pay close attention to the target you're about to engage. Carefully consider your enemies before you take them on and you just might survive out there.

    Using the Map and Radar

    The radar in the upper right of the screen and the map (viewed by pressing M on the keyboard) both give you a clue about the creatures surrounding you.

    Other players in your area are indicated by light blue dots or arrows. Players in your same faction (Rebel or Imperial) show as purple in the display.

    Non-player characters (NPCs) appear on your map and radar in red, yellow, or white to indicate if they will attack you on sight. The NPC's overhead name is also red, yellow, or white. Always keep an eye on the radar to see if you're surrounded by enemies that may let you pass unharmed.

    White and yellow dots and overhead names mark NPCs that will not attack you first. White NPCs can't be engaged in combat at all; usually these NPCs are located in cities. Yellow NPCs can be attacked, but won't bother you unless you bother them. But be careful if you strike your enemy, its allies might also jump into the fray, even if their names are yellow as well!

    NPCs with red names, or shown as red dots on your radar, will attack you on sight when you get close. If the adversary is close to your level, you may have a shot at defeating it in combat.

    Combat Difficulty

    A tinted circle is located next to your target's overhead health and action bars. The color acts as a guide to let you know how difficult your opponent is. You can also use the radial menu to examine your foe and read more details about it. The color indicates the target's level and probable outcome of the battle:

    Gray : This creature is no match for you. Defeating it gives very little experience.

    Green : The enemy looks weak and provides little experience.

    Blue : This foe can probably be defeated and you will gain moderate experience.

    White : This adversary is an even match and gives good experience.

    Yellow : This enemy will probably give you a tough fight, but very good experience.

    Red : The target is a risky fight, and if you win it will give very good experience.

    Purple : Taking on this opponent will likely result in instant death. Run, Luke, run!

    Once you have your enemy in your sights, the level of the NPC is also indicated in the target window.

    Not only should you pay close attention to your challenger's combat difficulty before engaging in battle, make sure you're not taking on an especially tough enemy known as an Elite or Boss creature by yourself.

    Elite and Boss Combatants

    Opponents that are exceptionally well-versed in combat and fighting are known as Elite and Boss enemies. Always bring friends when taking on these adversaries this won't be an easy battle!

    Elite creatures are more difficult than normal opponents, with more powerful special attacks and a larger health and action pool. These have the chance to drop more valuable loot than normal foes. Elite targets are indicated by a silver bracket on either side of the overhead health and action bars and a silver rancor claw wrapped around their combat level in the target bar.

    Boss enemies are even more difficult than an Elite creature, with even more potent specials and a larger health and action pool. These opponents have the chance to drop even more powerful items than Elite mobs. Gold brackets overhead and a gold rancor claw wrapped around the combat level in the target bar denote a Boss enemy.

    Approach these foes with caution!

    With the target's overhead name, color indicator, and level, you immediately have a wealth of information about your would-be adversary before you pick a fight. Grab your friends and explore the galaxy!

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    All incorrect, from "aurek" to "tesh" (say the least of it), and slightly more than useless in real combat.

    Really lvl 60 silver can be VERY difficult for solo lvl 90 (and, even, MORE difficult, than some another lvl 80 silvers) - but soloable golds, at another side, are exists too: The Storm Lord and two Blackguard bosses (Vansk and San'sii the Kursk) for example. Combat difficulty depends from a LOT of factors, not only from combat/elite levels, and it's impossible to explain all these factors in this quick reply. This is a topic for a small book.

    Can only suggest to buy storyteller's NPC tokens (there are vendors in Hotels and/or Theaters) and use them to explore Your own limits of possible empirically. NPC tokens lets You to set both combat/elite levels and generated NPCs are NEVER deathblowing - so You're able to fight, take incap, recover, decrease CL and fight again till confident winning.

    Most of silvers drops same loot as normal mobs (with some exceptions, like Boss Uruli, that drops CL 64 exceptional Power Hammer, or Nefarious, that drops Nak'tra Rifle). Lvl ~80 silver Blackscale Guards drops same stated armor as lvl ~80 normal Gothals in Shadow Lands. But most of gold bosses have really unique and powerful items.

    At last, aggressive NPCs usually will NOT attack You first (even on sight) if they have "green" or "gray" (just as described above) combat difficulty. Literally, if You are lvl 90 You even can pet lvl 25 Narglatch Female - and avoid combat.
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