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Thread: A Call For Developers

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    A Call For Developers

    Hello Everyone:

    Due to our depleted manpower within out Development Team, we are now announcing a call to anyone with any programming experience and that want to help. If that is you, then we would like you to consider applying for a Developer position for SWG: Vision of Hope!

    The duties of the positions as well as the desired backgrounds for each will be included below:

    Content Developer


    • Implementing New Content.
    • Improving Old & New Content.
    • Creating Prototypes for Staff.
    • Documenting Game Design Processes.

    Required Skills

    • Advanced Knowledge in Java.
    • Knowledge of Game Tab Files
    • Knowledge of Game Client and Patches.

    Core Developer


    • Improving Server Stability.
    • Adding New Server Infrastructure.

    Required Skills

    • Advanced Knowledge of C++.
    • Knowledge of Server Structure.
    • Intermediate Knowledge of Java.
    • Knowledge of Oracle Database.

    - SWG: VoH STAFF
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