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Thread: Friday Feature - Rare Loot System

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    Friday Feature - Rare Loot System

    The Rare Loot System is a new feature in Star Wars Galaxies that was originally deployed with HotFix 17.10, and on Vision of Hope, it was originally deployed to the Allegiance Server as part of Allegiance Patch 003. The Rare Loot System gives players a chance to obtain a bonus reward for defeating encounters. These rewards can range from items that are not available in the NGE to items that might be extremely rare to completely new items, never been seen before, it is up to you, to find them.

    There are three categories of rare loot: Rare, Exceptional, and Legendary. When a player kills a mob and qualifies for rare loot, the encounter will have a chance to drop a rare loot chest. Players will need to loot the chest, and then, open it, in their inventory in order to discover what type of rare loot that they have won.

    The following are possible items:

    Rare Loot

    • An Aurilian Sculpture Section 1
    • An Aurilian Sculpture Section 2
    • An Aurilian Sculpture Section 3
    • An Aurilian Sculpture Section 4
    • Animal Hide Rack Style 1 Schematic
    • Animal Hide Rack Style 2 Schematic
    • Animal Hide Rack Style 3 Schematic
    • Animal Hide Rack Style 4 Schematic
    • AT-ST pilot's helmet
    • Bane's Heart
    • Bar Corner Piece 1 Schematic
    • Bar Corner Piece 2 Schematic
    • Bar Corner Piece 3 Schematic
    • Bar Counter Large Schematic
    • Bothan Buff (painting)
    • Bothan Beauty (painting)
    • Cast Wing in Flight
    • Corellian Seaside (painting)
    • Data Disk Hologram
    • Decorative Bubble Tank
    • Droid in Contrast
    • Drum
    • Emperor's Eyes (TIE Sentinel)
    • Family Bonds
    • Feared (painting)
    • Fighter Study
    • Fighter's Courage (painting)
    • Geonosian Costume Instructions
    • Hanging Life Day Orb
    • Hutt Greed
    • Imperial Oppression (TIE Oppressor)
    • Jedi Statue Schematic
    • Jubilee Wheel Schematic
    • Kachirho Wall Cornucopia
    • Kowakian Cage
    • Krayt Costume Instructions
    • Large Fruit Stand Schematic
    • Large Unmarked Crate
    • Lava Geode
    • Life Day Lamp
    • Life Day Painting (Proud Wookiee)
    • Life Day Painting (Red Robed Wookiee)
    • Living Canals
    • Lugjack Machine Schematic
    • Miniature Wroshyr Tree
    • Modified Fusion Reactor Schematic
    • Mynock Costume Instructions
    • No Division
    • Nym Collectible Globe
    • Perfect Power Crystal
    • Poster of Food Preparation
    • Poster of a Turret Schematic (painting)
    • Poster of a Ship Schematic (painting)
    • Pilgrimage
    • Proton Chair
    • Rancor Costume Instructions
    • RotJ Helmet
    • Shard of the Serpent
    • STAP-1 Vehicle Deed
    • Target Dummy Controller (Black Sun, Rebel or Imperial)
    • Tatooine Dune Speeder (painting)
    • Triumph
    • Ugnaught Costume Instructions
    • Victory
    • Wampa Costume Instructions
    • War Terminal
    • Warrior's Honor (painting)
    • Wookiee Life Day Orb
    • Wookiee Home Banner Kit
    • Xeno Couch
    • Xeno Desk
    • Xeno Desk Lamp
    • Xeno Rug
    • Xeno Table
    • Mustafarian Injector

    Exceptional Loot

    • Any item from Rare Loot
    • A Bacta Tank
    • A Legendary E5 Carbine
    • A Legendary FWG5 Pistol
    • A Legendary Nighsister Energy Lance
    • A Legendary Power Hammer
    • A Legendary Stun Baton
    • A Legendary T21 Rifle
    • Advertisement (rodian)
    • Cunning of Tyranus
    • DNA Storage Device (Forage Worm)
    • Dusk in Kachirho
    • Emperor's Senate Office Chair
    • Fighter (painting)
    • Gungan Statue Style 1 Schematic
    • Gungan Statue Style 2 Schematic
    • Gungan Statue Style 3 Schematic
    • Gungan Statue Style 4 Schematic
    • Holo-Entertainment Table
    • Jedi Master Cloak
    • Jedi Relic
    • Life Day Lamp
    • Poster of a Block Turret Schematic (painting)
    • Prayer Mobile
    • Shard of Ferocity
    • Shard of Retaliation
    • Sith Holocron
    • Sith Relic
    • The War Phoenix

    Legendary Loot

    • Any item from Rare or Exceptional Loot
    • Biological Focus Crystal
    • Concentrated Bacta Tank
    • DNA Storage Device (Kowakian Monkey Lizard)
    • Dug Costume Instructions
    • Dusk in Kachirho
    • Mercenaries' Despair
    • Mercenaries' Lament
    • Nightsister Melee Armguard
    • Rare Painting
    • Sunrider's Destiny
    • Synapse Focus Crystal

    Items Not Included

    • Elder Jedi title
    • Elder Jedi Arbiter Robe
    • Elder Jedi Oppressor Robe
    • Strange Jedi Holocron 4/5 (Meditative Discipline)
    • Strange Jedi Holocron 4/5 (Waist Pack)
    • Strange Sith Holocron 4/5 (Meditative Discipline)
    • Strange Sith Holocron 4/5 (Waist Pack)
    • Any and All Collection Items


    If members of the CSR Staff find players exploiting the Rare Loot System in those level-fixed locations of the tutorial, they will be teleported out of the tutorial.

    Collections & Badges

    Players can also complete new collections and earn a new badge and title, "Fortune Hunter" through participation of the Rare Loot System

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    "When a player kills a mob and qualifies for rare loot, the encounter will have a chance to drop a rare loot chest."

    What are the qualifications for a loot chest to drop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CombatCorgi View Post
    "When a player kills a mob and qualifies for rare loot, the encounter will have a chance to drop a rare loot chest."

    What are the qualifications for a loot chest to drop?
    The same as live, you'll need to be within 6 levels of the NPC.
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    any plans on fixing the ones that are not dropping like costumes and some of the ship paintings or getting empty boxes?

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    Dusk in Kachirho is in both the exceptional and legendary lists.

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    just opened a rare chest and it was empty

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    Hey Zaca, I think you got the rarest drop of them all: "The Emperor's New Clothes"

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