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Thread: Live Event: Galactic Homeshow!

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    Live Event: Galactic Homeshow!

    Galactic Home Show!

    Time to show off your houses to our panel of judges! Pull out your crafting tools, put on your decorating hat, and get to work!

    There will be 5 categories to compete in: Creative Use of Lighting, Best Static Creation, Spartan Design, Best overall decorated, and a Community Choice (you decide the winner!). Winners in all 5 categories will receive one of the five storage increase collection sets of their choice, in-game badge, Forum Title, and be featured on the Website. It is possible to win in multiple categories. You may submit separate structures, but only one structure per the three main categories (excepting Best Overall and Community Favorite, which are separate) You may put all your entries into one post. Please do not edit your posts once they have been submitted, if you decide to add another location, please make a new reply.

    Creative Use of Lighting: Cool lighting effects integrated into your designs. Recommend not using ILM while decorating, as the judges will be running vanilla.

    Best Static Creation: Show off your building skills by creating an item that is a centerpiece or primary design element of your structure. This could be a Pod Racer, AT-AT, Fish Tank, Fireplace, Swimming Pool, or the like.

    Spartan Design: The house must have less than 150 items total. This will really make you stretch your design skills to the limit!

    Best Overall Decorated: No-holds-barred - This is a purely subjective category based upon all elements of a design. Highest score from all submissions will win this award. It is possible to only enter for this category.

    Community Choice: This will be voted on via poll on the forum. Highest amount of votes will win. The 10 highest ranking submissions will be posted in a new thread for community voting on their favorite.

    Official Judging will be on May 1st. To enter, reply here on the forum - using the template at the bottom of this post, and remember you may compete in all 5 categories, entry cutoff is April 30th at 11:59pm EST.

    Judges will be Zombienerd, Aesrain, and Nater. Each entry will be scored from 1 to 10 by each judge. Scores will be averaged for each entry, and the entry with the highest score will win the category. Best overall will be the entry with the highest score of all the categories. In case of a score tie, we will bring in a fourth judge, Erebus, to make the tie-breaking decision.

    Winners will choose from one of the five storage increase sets:
    Techniques in Maximizing Space
    Shelving Techniques
    Craftsman Tools
    Cabinetry Techniques
    Storage Techniques

    ----- Template -----

    Name of character -
    Type of structure -
    Planet -
    Waypoint -
    Categories chosen -
    Brief explanation of design -
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    Large Tatooine Guildhall Style 2
    -1808 -6104
    All except for Spartan design.
    I call it my "Lived In Design"
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    My houses suck.

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    Name of character - Aseri Moonlight
    Type of structure - Cantina (The Jaded Jedi)
    Planet - Naboo, in Radiant
    Waypoint - /wp -7009 503
    Categories chosen - Best Overall Decorated, Creative Use of Lighting, Community Choice
    Brief explanation of design - Wanted to make it look like a Bar and Grill set up inside a Temple or a ruin, with an exotic yet familiar look.

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