WG: Vision of Hope is more than a collection of players. It is more than a social tab on your text window. SWG: Vision of Hope is committed to organizing players and providing opportunities to improve individual gaming and server community experiences.

This relies on two things: Cooperation and Respect.

We can’t work to achieve these goals with infighting and feuding with players, guilds, groups, etc.

This Code of Conduct relies on several points, which will be discussing in more details below:

  1. Respect one another…
  2. Respect all players, regardless of guild or faction…
  3. Respect of all Social Media Platforms…
  4. Refrain from conduct or chat that brings real life into SWG: Vision of Hope, in a negative way...
  5. Uphold this Code of Conduct at all times…

Seems simple enough, however, there is plenty of room for interpretation and situations that will challenge your understanding and interpretation of the Code.


The success of your fellow players, represent your success as a member of the SWG: Vision of Hope Community. If you are insulting your fellow players in any way, shape or form, regardless of his or her offenses, you are breaking the Code of Conduct. It is the job and duty of the Staff of SWG: Vision of Hope to judge player offenses, not the players. By treating everyone with respect and allowing the staff to deal with the problems, you are helping to maintain order and strength, which is necessary to achieve our goals.


Whether a rival ally, or an opponent you detest, regardless of insults or offenses… SWG: Vision of Hope Players will refrain from negative actions towards them. It does no good to squabble over meaningless comments. By responding in anyway, we validate that those comments have affected us, and in that we allow them to become truths to a certain degree. We are above any offenses and will not allow the negativity of others to derail the plans we have, or what we have already accomplished. This is also important because the individual players in these situations, affect our community as a whole. Others perception of our community is important as it allows us to grow in a positive way.

For example, think of players that exploit or trash talk, would you want to be part of that? Would new players? Would you want someone thinking that you are a cheater or trashtalker?


When interacting with other players or members of staff, across any of the SWG: Vision of Hope Official; Social Media Platforms, please behave in a manner, that is acceptable, taking into consideration the rest of this, Code of Conduct. If a player is abusive towards you, on any SWG: Vision of Hope Social Media, please report this behavior to the CSR Staff.


When you login, please leave any personal issues, resentments, or hang-ups out of the game. If someone insults you, pertaining to these issues, do not partake in the exchange. We want to create an environment where players, both young and old, from all around the world, all walks of life, can come together and enjoy themselves in the Star Wars Universe. If everyone in our community had approached the game with this attitude, we would play in a much, more enjoyable, welcoming, and creative game. We ask all SWG: Vision of Hope Players to champion this vision and help to create that world.


Together, we can accomplish anything we want, and enjoy that mission, every step of the way. A bad day is no reason to hurt the reputation of a fellow player, or the community, as a result, there is never a good reason to break this Code of Conduct, and no defense will satisfy the SWG: Vision of Hope Staff. In being a member of this community, you take up a responsibility, to all of your fellow players. Only when you are upholding this Code of Conduct, can you know that others are doing the same. If you are slacking, then it’s a good bet, others are as well.

When meeting new players, or others outside of your group or guild that you run with, with the Code of Conduct in mind, we not only give them a good impression of our community, but we also create an opportunity for our conduct to “rub off” on them, and through this, we can affect the attitudes of the entire community.


Any questionable conversations, simply hit the printscreen button and save a copy of it, using avenues like imgur.com. Walk away from insulting players or difficult situations, if you believe that you might lose your cool. You can take away your enemies power, by simply ignoring them, or leaving them, altogether. Contact any member of the CSR Staff about any and all questions or problems. You are judged by your actions, which can affect your future at SWG: Vision of Hope. If you can’t handle something, please seek out our help.

The Code of Conduct does not limit your gaming experience. If trash talking, insulting and attacking others is your thing, then, I’m sure that there are others servers for you to join. This Code of Conduct is not based on arrogance, nor are we trying to be better than others. It is based on mutual respect. We are trying to be better than the poor conduct, all to prevalent in our collective, gaming experience.