As of January 17, 2018

Greetings to the Community!

As production on the server continues, the Staff of Vision of Hope, are now ready to release an official roadmap, so that everyone is able to see what we have planned in the future...

Green - Feature is fully functional, has been implemented on the Indominus (live) Server.
Orange - Feature is under Quality Assurance and has only been implemented on the Allegiance (Test Center) Server. These features should be considered unstable, partially complete, being tested or fixed.
Red - Feature is not currently implemented on either the Allegiance or Indominus Servers and is still in development.

HotFix Season

All major hotfixes will be made during this development phase prior to content, game updates.

  • New Player Structures
  • Guild War Functions
  • Infiltrator Armor
  • Jabba's Sail Barge
  • Legendary Weapons
  • Perfect Quality Power Crystals
  • Player Costumes
  • Rare Loot System
  • Restuss Commendation PvP System
  • Reverse Engineering Update
  • Ships: T-Wing, Havok and TIE Defender
  • Space Duty Token Bonus Functions
  • Snowspeeder ITV
  • Species Hair Styles
  • Veteran Rewards

Game Update: 1 - Witches of Dathomir

  • Mobiles
  • NPCs
  • Pre-Quests
  • Quests
  • Vendors
  • Rewards

Game Update: 2 - Trading Card Game

  • Game Functionality
  • Indominus Pack Vendors
  • Claimable Rewards

Game Update: 3 - Beast Mastery

  • Missing Pets
  • Pet Statistics
  • Incubation Statistics

Game Update: 4 - Galactic Civil War 2

  • Space Invasions
  • Capital Ships
  • New Ships