Mission Statement

The Staff of Vision of Hope is invested into seeing this project succeed, to bring back the game that we all remember and love. To better understand this, we have outlined our mission statement below:

The Project
SWG: Vision of Hope will always be a Community-Driven Project. The needs of the community as well as the best interests of the project as a whole will always take prescendence over all over concerns.
The Roadmap to Live
  • Game Breaking or Blocking Bugs.
    • All Game Breaking or Blocking Bugs will be fixed first. This includes bugged legacy quests, exploits, or anything that will cause the majority of the player base to have issues.
  • Minor Bug Fixes
    • Now that the Major Bugs are fixed, some of the bigger, minor bugs, will need to be fixed.
    • This includes unpopular side quests and bugged items that may interrupt a slightly large group of the community.
  • Major Game Changing Content
    • Rare Loot System.
    • TCG Ingame Vendors.
    • Missing Ingame Content.
  • Fine Tuning
    • No Additional or New Content will be added during this final phase of testing.