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Beast Master
As a Beast Master you can collect DNA strands from creatures, and incubate them into Eggs that you can then sell or hatch for yourself. As the Beast Master you have full control over the color and combat skills of the beast during the incubation process (color: dps or armor bonus = temperature slider...skills: quality of components used). After the pet is crafted and hatched some pets have the ability to have their color altered via a beast dye kit. The dye kit is a common item awarded for completion of a repeatable collection (enzyme colors). There is no significant random element to beast crafting. All stats are controllable by the beast crafter. There is a random chance for mutations which can improve combat stats or change the appearance of the creature being incubated.
Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter performs several useful services. He eliminates annoyances and obstacles which may be impeding certain officials and businessmen in the performance of their duties, and he restores honor to persons of dignity who may have suffered an offense. These services are accomplished, of course, primarily through the regrettable necessity of killing people. Oh sure, sometimes the Bounty Hunter will go to great lengths to “bring ’em back alive,” if that’s a condition of his contract … but normally, if given a choice between dead and alive, the Bounty Hunter considers “dead” to be safer and easier all around.

One hears stories about Bounty Hunters chasing their prey to the far edge of the galaxy and back. In general, however, Bounty Hunters are not detectives. They prefer commissions where at least a general location of is provided for the target. Once they’re in the right neighborhood, they’ll use their tracking droids to flush the target out of hiding, and then move in for the kill. Of course, if things are slow the Bounty Hunter might make some random visits to the seedier part of town, just to see if they run across anybody with a price on their head. And there are always those who are willing to pass along a tip for a few credits. Squealing to the Imperial officials can get you into all sorts of trouble, but Bounty Hunters are all business.

Actually, the Empire kind of likes Bounty Hunters, and uses them frequently. A Bounty Hunter is often a great deal more efficient and subtle than a squad of Storm Troopers, and you only have to pay them if they succeed. The Rebellion may not care much for the Bounty Hunter’s tactics, but Rebels are nothing if not pragmatic, and with the Rebellion chronically short on personnel and always needing to keep a low profile, sometimes a Bounty Hunter is just what a mission calls for (and of course, if a Bounty Hunter happens to be truly committed to the Rebel cause, the Rebellion will make full use of his or her talents).

In group combat, the Bounty Hunter offers a balance of offense, defense and crowd control. They make excellent pullers, using their abilities to isolate a target and bring it back to the group. Your area of effect potential is limited — concentrate your fire to protect the Commandos, Medics or whoever’s in trouble at the moment. Solo, the Bounty Hunter offers an excellent mix of talents. Make sure to make full use of your crowd control abilities to keep the enemy coming at a pace you can handle.

In the first phase of your career, you’ll learn the basics of lethal, non-lethal and dirty fighting. In Phase II you’ll start to master your armor, gain your first self-healing abilities and your first trap. In Phase III you’ll start to pick up area-of-effect attacks, useful against groups of enemies. In Phase IV you’ll reach your full potential with all these abilities.

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