Getting Started

SWG Vision of Hope Game Launcher

Step 1 - Downloading the SWG Vision of Hope Launcher

Create a folder anywhere and place the patcher in it. You can download our patcher by clicking here. Run the patcher to get the latest version of the launcher.

Step 2 - Create an account of the forum, and wait for approval.

Create an account on our forum, by clicking by clicking here. This will be your login and password for the game and forums, write it down somewhere safe.

Step 3 - Wait for Account Approval.

You must wait for an Administrator or CSR to approve your account. This generally happens quickly. If you would like to speed along the process, join our discord server here and DM an online Admin or CSR to ask for approval.

Step 4 - Configure Your Game Directory

Open the newly installed launcher, and log in with your approved forum account. Once logged in, click your username at the top right and select Settings from the dropdown menu. In the Game Directory section, click on the change button and select the location where you would like to install the SWG Vision of Hope game files.

Step 5 - Configure Your Game Settings

Select the options you would like to use, ILM, run the client in administrator mode, etc. Also, click on the Client Setup button to choose your game resolution.

Step 6 - Patch and Play

Once you have completed the above steps, press Back to get to the main launcher screen. Then, click PATCH to begin patching the game files. Once finished, you will be able to play!