A harsh, desert world, Tatooine orbits twin suns in the galaxy's Outer Rim. The planet's terrain includes tall mesas, deep canyons and the expansive Dune Sea.

Tatooine is far from the center of the galaxy, but it occupies a strategic location at the nexus of several hyperspace routes. As a result, it has become a way station for merchants, explorers, and other traveling the Outer Rim. Tatooine has also been the site of many orbital battles between rival gangsters and smugglers, and its surface is littered with ancient starship wrecks, most of which have long since been scavenged by native jawas or buried by fierce sandstorms. Much of Tatooine is inhospitable wasteland. However, unique wind patterns and atmospheric concentrations have made a small area of the planet livable. Most life-forms and settlements can be found in this “temperate zone.”

Tatooine’s native species include the diminutive, chattering Jawas and the terrifying Sand People. A host of dangerous creatures, including the dreaded krayt dragon, also inhabit Tatooine’s wastes and pose a threat to any traveler.

Generally considered a lawless world, much of Tatooine is ruled by immoral crime lords, including Jabba the Hutt. Cities like Mos Eisley are criminal havens, attracting smugglers, thieves and mercenaries from throughout the galaxy. Hardworking settlers are typically confined to moisture farms located throughout the temperate zone. The Empire has taken control of Bestine, converting it into one of the most prominent Imperial outposts in the Outer Rim, and maintains garrisons in many other Tatooine cities. The Rebel Alliance has few full-fledged operatives on Tatooine, but many smugglers and other shady figures are sympathetic to the Rebellion’s cause.