One of the five hospitable planets in the Corellian system, Talus is a temperate world, similar to Corellia. It has a wide range of terrain, including forests, grass plains and mud flats. The planet is inhabited by three sentient species: Humans, the stocky Drall, and the sleek Selonions. Although all three species general co-exist peacefully, they have a history of political conflict marking by sporadic violence.

Talus is the same size as its sister planet, Tralus. Both orbit a common center of gravity, and are together known as the Double Worlds. Both Talus and Tralus are governed by the elected Federation of the Double Wortlds, or Fed-Dub.

Like Corellia, Talus remained neutral in the early days of the Galactic Civil War. The Empire monitors Talus for Rebel activity, but allos Fed-Dub to operate independently and has yet to interfere with any of the planet's major corporations. Although, less renowned than Corellia, the planet has a vibrant economy that revolves around starship manufacturing.

Talus holds many mysteries. It is rumored that a planetary repulsor is located beneath the world's surface. This device may have been used eons before the Battle of Yavin, presumably to move Talus from an unknown location to its current orbit.