A moon of Naboo, Rori is an overgrown, wild world, domionated by oppressive gray skies, think jungles, and think swamps. It supports only two small colonies, which are separated by a giant, reed-infested, bog.

Rori was officially colonized about two thousand years before the famous Battle of Naboo, during the short-lived reign of King Narmle, a restless explorer who spent most of his time visiting distant worlds in search of new vistas. The Naboo Advisory Council soon suggested that Narmle relinquish the throne and become an ambassador. Before leaving office as King, however, Narmle personally planned the construction of a small settlement on Rori. He envisioned that Rori would one day become an active agricultural hub, supplying food and medicines to other neighboring planets. Unfortunately, Rori sttracted few settlers. Frustrated, Narmle left Rori and vanished into the Outer Rim forever.

In the centuries since Narmle's disappearance, Rori's population has grown only slightly. During an outbreak of brainworm rot, some two hundred year before the Battle of Naboo, the Advisory Council commissioned the construction of a second space port on Rori; this city, known as Restuss, was used for decades as a quarantined processing center for colonists traveling to Naboo. Although both Restuss and Narmle were build by Naboo architects, most of the moon's current colonists have been drawn from other, less hospitable worlds, including Iridonia and Ryloth. The Gungans, who colonized the Naboo moon of Ohma-D'un, have also established small outposts on Rori.

Rori does receive regular supplies from Naboo and travel between the moon and its parent planet is routine. Members of the Nabll Royal Security Forces are stationed in both Restuss and Narmle, and Rori's governor sits on the Naboo Royal Advisory Council. The Empire also views Rori as little more than a small Naboo outpost and expects all of the moon's inhabitants to remain loyal to Emperor Palpatine. In reality, Rori's denizens are far more independent than the "planetary" Naboo and it is believed that the moon harbors a significant rebel presence.