Located in the Chommell sector, Naboo is a fairly idyllic world covered by dense swamps, rolling plains and verdant hills. The planet has two sentient species: peaceful humans who call themselves the Naboo; and the more aggressive, warlike Gungans. The Naboo populate many striking cities, including Theed and Moenia, while the Gungans reside deep in the planet’s foreboding swamps. Naboo’s pleasant climate and numerous terrain types have also given rise to dozens of native animal species, from the towering, reptilian fambaa to the deadly tusk cat.

Human colonists from the planet Grizmalit discovered Naboo nearly four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Within weeks of their arrival, the settlers encountered the Gungans. Although immediately distrustful of one another, neither species attacked the other, and the humans were allowed to establish their first settlements without incident. Over the next several decades, the settlers slowly spread across the planet’s largest landmass, building cities and villages to support their growing numbers. The human colonists kept to the grassy plains and ocean coastlines, only occasionally treading into Gungan territory. Despite this, tension between the humans and the Gungans remained strong. The friction between the Gungans and the Naboo was based largely on cultural differences, but armed clashes were extremely rare.

The conflict, now known as the Battle of Naboo, marked a new era of the cooperation between the two cultures. Unfortunately, after the Emperor rose to power, he made a special effort to quickly bring Naboo under his control. When the Imperial forces arrived on the planet, allegedly to “protect” Naboo’s resources, the Gungan population migrated deeper into the swamps, yet again isolating themselves from the rest of Naboo.

Although Naboo is home to numerous Imperials and even hosts one of the Emperor’s strongholds, the Naboo themselves have managed to preserve much of their culture. They remain a largely democratic society ruled by an elected monarch. Naboo gain the right to vote after passing aptitude tests that determine intellectual maturity, and political leaders are often far younger than their peers on other worlds. The Naboo are still an extremely peaceful people, focusing all of their energies into art, science and education. They maintain a small security force to protect their cities from rabble-rousers and criminals, but they have no standing army. Although it’s been rumored that the current monarch, Queen Kylantha, is extremely loyal to the Emperor, she has yet to dissolve the Naboo Royal Advisory Council or impose any significant changes in the Naboo’s democratic structure. According to some sources, Rebel cells also flourish in some areas of Naboo, including Theed and the swamplands.