One of the first planets in the Karthakk system to be colonized, the harsh world of Lok was originally home to outlaws, who saw the world as a potential staging ground for raids into the Mid Rim. Over time, Lok became known as a “pirate world,” where anarchy and violence were the only constants.

Jagged mountain ranges, long expanses of baked desert and desolate flats are typical environments on Lok. The presence of pirates and others is evident in the shipwrecks, burned-out bases, abandoned settlements and destroyed vehicles that litter the planet.

Before the Battle of Naboo, one of the most prominent leaders on Lok was a Feeorin pirate named Nym. The hardy alien — who has only become more formidable with age — spent many years battling the Trade Federation. He is now a local crime lord. It is also rumored that he is very sympathetic to the Rebellion ….

Players who visit Lok can expect to encounter a wide range of threats, from marauding pirates to the local wildlife, most of which is decidedly dangerous. However, those who prove themselves to Nym will gain access to a number of lucrative and exciting missions.