The Known Galaxy

Star Wars Galaxies has 11 planets that you can visit - provided that you can build up the credits necessary for such a grand tour. Some are large, bustling balls of rock and dirt, filled with cities and people. Others are desolate and barren moons with only raw materials and an outpost or two, to attract the tourists.

When you first leave Tansari Point Station to go groundside, you will start on Tatooine; in due time, you will move on to Naboo. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to visit the rest of the planets: Corellia, Rori, Talus, Yavin IV, Lok, Endor, Dathomir, Dantooine, Kashyyyk, and Mustafar. However, Kashyyyk is not on a commercial line, so you have to pilot a private ship to get there. While levels of sophistication on each of the 11 planets are different, there are always a few amenities and some useful NPC's.

In addition to normal travel, it's important to remember that you may have to make two or more trips to reach your final destination. For instance, you can't travel directly from Rori to Lok.
City Maps
This game has maps for certain cities on the various planets. Marked on those maps are the locations of important buildings. Many of the planets also have smaller townships and villages. Imperial bases, forts, and small clusters of buildings are ranged about the wilderness, waiting for you to find them. For those towns for which we don't have maps, we've listed coordinates for the major buildings. You can also access your ingame city map by press, "M".

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Yavin IV