Star Wars Galaxies gameplay occurs on the forest moon of Endor, as opposed to the gasgiant planet that's also named Endor. The Endor, "System" is located at the edge of the Moddell Sector. Priminently features in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the forest moon of Endor has great significance in the Star Wars sage as the site of the Battle of Endor. The battle is fought to abort the secret construction of the Empire's second Death Star battlestation. Star Wars Galaxies takes place during the Galactic Civil War, before the Battle of Endor. The threat of a second Death Star looms as the Empire pushes forward with construction of another of these deadly weapons.

Endor's terrain incorporates the Ewok's treetop villages, the Gorax caves, and other wildness areas. There are no cuties or urban regions of commerce on Endor and there are no opportunities for new residents to build homes or establish settlements. However, Endor offers great chances to develop interesting trade relations with some of its inhabitants, including the Ewok tribes and cunning Marauders, if their trust can be earned.