Corellia is the central planet of the Corellian system, which is well-known for its starship manufacturing facilities and steady supply of talented pilots. A temperate and habitable world, Corellia is marked by rolling hills, thick forests, lush fields, golden beaches and large seas. Because most of Corellia’s manufacturing facilities are located in orbit around the planet, the world itself remains rural and underdeveloped. Urban blight is nearly non-existent, and most Corellians live in small towns or farming communities. The planet does support a handful of cities, including Coronet and Tyrena.

Corellia is populated by all three of the system’s sentient species: humans, Selonians and Drall. As Corellia has limited settlements, wildlife has also flourished on the planet.

As a member of the Core Worlds, Corellia is often considered part of the Empire, but the planet was also the site of the signing of the Corellian Treaty, which officially formed the Alliance to Restore the Republic (more commonly known as the Rebel Alliance). In truth, since the Corellian Treaty, the planet has remained fairly neutral in the Galactic Civil War. Corellia does have a noticeable Imperial presence, but the Empire has not yet Imperialized any of Corellia’s corporations, taken control of Corellian cities, or imposed martial law. Rumors have also emerged that Princess Leia Organa has established a hidden “command and control” center for Rebel operations on Corellia and seeks the services of sympathizers to aid the Rebellion.