New Player Introduction

Congratulations! You just joined one of the most anticipated games to come along since 1977. And because you are reading this, you must have some idea of the enormity of this game. Games have come a long way since you first took on the Death Star in full wire frame, coin-op splendor! This game isn't as cut and dried as your standard action title either, so fight the urge to load up the game and dive right in. You'll be much better off if you give us a few minutes to help you plan ahead.

This section is here for two reasons. First, we outline the basics of an MMORPG for anyone who is new to the genre. Secondly, we would like to give those who have played other MMORPGs an idea of how Star Wars Galaxies differs from those that have come before it. The creators of this game are no strangers to the world of massively multi-player gaming, so don't expect this to be a clone or amalgam of previous titles. Star Wars Galaxies will take your online experience light years beyond anything you have played previously.

What is an MMORPG?

MMORPGs or Massively Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games, are a fairly recent phenomenon in gaming, although their roots go back to the Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs) of the late '80s. Basically, they are an attempt to immerse a player in a fantasy world, complete with all the basic interactions that would occur in a real world environment (albeit with text and emotive-based interaction with other players and simulated interactions with non-player characters, or NPCs).

What Am I in For?

Get used to the idea that you cannon do it alone. MMORPGs offer a dynamic and ever-changing world that requires players to rely on one another to accomplish goals. Communicating with other adventurers is as much a part of the game as gaining experience. Some professions even gain experience through their interactions with fellow players. You'll need to rely on other players, at least a little, to get through the day.

Secondly, the character is you! Or, more accurately, the character you create is a representation of you. You will directly interact with both your environment and fellow players, so your personality will show through. This fact leads to many topics, from character creation to etiquette to role-playing.

Understanding Character Creation

If you are new to role-playing games, the concept of character creation may be new to you. The character you create will be a representation of you, but what specifically about you will be reflected in your online creation? This is the all-important question. Will you be an adventurer who lives to explore the universe? Will you be an pilot or a shipwright, a fighter or an entertainer? You have many choices to make and, for the most part, your style of gameplay will lead you in the right direction. However, creating the correct type of character at the start gives you innate advantages. So, start thinking about what type of character you would like to play.

Find more detailed information on the choices that are available in the “Character Creation” and “Professions” chapters in this guide.


With character creation, you create a character geared to the sort of playing you would like to do. For example, you may want to jump in a few nights a week, take out some things, and be done. Or, you may want to spend a lot of time conversing with others, while performing a needed service (both viable options in Star Wars Galaxies). And although we haven’t delved into the specific choices you have to make in order to tailor a character to your playing style, you are ahead of the game if you have given this some thought.

The second thing to consider during character creation is personality. The most common choice is to be you, whatever that entails. If you are naturally witty and a “people-person,” you may want to choose a character who can bank on those skills (think Officer or Medic). If you are a person of few words and prefer to let your actions speak for themselves, try Commando or Bounty Hunter. Your personality does not need to dictate your character. You can play whatever class you wish, just as you are. The upside to this approach is simple: “Just being you” is not a charade, so it is easy to maintain.

If you are more adventurous, and think to yourself, “You know, I am myself 24 hours a day. I don’t need to play as myself too!” then you may be a natural roleplayer. You may be witty and kind in real life, but the idea of a jaded and hardened adventurer appeals to you. Your character may have no time for idle chatter, and little tolerance for those with inferior battle skills. Your mood is mostly sour, and your wit is biting, when and if it appears. Role-playing of this kind is tougher to pull off, as you must keep up the act for as long as it suits you. But don’t let that deter you; the world is destined to be richer with you in it.

Advancement & Experience Points

No matter what type of character you create, you advance your skills by gaining experience points (XP). Experience points can be earned in a variety of ways: engaging in combat, healing another player, crafting an item, or myriad other ways. The type of XP you earn is dependent on how you spend your time.

Spending Your Time Wisely

Figuring out the type of play you enjoy makes it easier to choose a starting profession. Read the following descriptions for some suggestions on professions that best fit your style of play.

Bounty Hunter. I am a stalker of the most dangerous game. I track fugitives down, neutralize them as threats, and bring them in — alive, if possible. I’m equally adept at lethal and non-lethal combat, and can take care of myself both at range and in close. I am very self sufficient when operating on my own, but my unique skills can also be extremely useful as part of a group.

Commando. I am a warrior, a soldier. Combat is my reason for existing — let some other guy handle the fancy stuff. I like things that go “boom” — guns and explosives. I’m not at my best in close combat situations. I’m tough enough to make it solo, but because my skills are so narrowly focused, I do best when I can be the muscle of a group.

Jedi. The Force is strong within me, and I have chosen to follow the path of a Jedi. Both the light and the dark side lie before me, and it is for me to choose between them. In time, I hope to earn my lightsaber and perfect the skills of the great champions of the Force who have gone before me. My abilities are many, and they serve me equally well in solo and group combat. I am unequalled in close combat situations.

Medic. I am a healer. It is my function to keep my friends alive and in fighting trim. My skills will greatly enhance the odds of survival for any group I join. I can, at need, use my arts against my enemies, but I am not a strong fighter, and I am not well suited to solo adventuring. I need a group around me to survive and use my abilities to their full potential.

Officer. I am a military leader. I take a group of talented individuals and turn them into a unit of maximum efficiency. I make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. My skills can help keep my comrades alive and make them more dangerous in combat. Although I have significant combat skills in my own right, I am only at my full potential when working as part of a group.

Smuggler. I live on the bleeding edge of lawful society. I look out for number one, and get ahead any way I can. I’m a survivor, able to take care of myself in both close and ranged combat. I can go it alone, but if it’s in my interests to team up with others, I can bring a lot to a group. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a “fair fight” — in combat, I’ll use any dirty trick I can. I’m pretty good at non-lethal combat, because bodies = complications, and I’m less worried about getting the other guy than in making a clean getaway.

Spy. . I live in the shadows. My watchwords are stealth and misdirection. You’ll never know we’ve met, until it’s too late. My specialty is getting up close and then taking you out clean before you even know I’m there. I can work just fine by myself, but my unique skills can also be a big help to any group I may join.

These are basic descriptions, reading the descriptions above should give you an idea about the base classes and the types of skills you will be spending your time honing.

Non-Combat Professions

A character can be one of nine professions in Star Wars Galaxies. Seven of these nine professions are combat professions (listed above). Characters in these professions earn experience by engaging enemies and creatures in combat, and by completing missions and quests. Two of the professions, Trader and Entertainer, are non-combat professions. These professions do not earn experience through combat, and in fact have only very limited ability to defend themselves. A Trader advances by collecting resources, creating useful items and selling or trading these items on the open market. An Entertainer advances by dancing or performing music in cantinas. There are some missions for Traders and Entertainers, but not as many as there are for the combat professions.

It is VERY STRONGLY recommended that you select a combat profession for your first Star Wars Galaxies character. Trader and Entertainer should be regarded as specialized options for players who are already well acquainted with the game, and who are looking for new ways to experience it.

Secondary Professions

There are also two “secondary” professions within the game. These professions are Pilot and Politician. Secondary professions can be freely combined with other professions. Thus you can be a Scout and a Pilot, or an Entertainer and a Politician, or a Trader/Pilot/Politician. You can pick up the secondary professions at any time during your career; you do not have to choose them at character creation.

Pilot t is the ability to fly and fight with starships. Although it is not required, most adventurers will probably find that learning at least the basics of spaceflight at some point in their career makes their progress through the game significantly smoother. Piloting abilities are increased through space flight and ship combat.

Politician is the art of building and leading communities. Star Wars Galaxies offers a number of advanced options for players to create and expand their own communities within the game. This side of the game isn’t for everybody (and you don’t necessarily need to be a Politician to participate in a player-created community), but those who want to actively lead such communities will find the tools to do so in the Politician profession. Politician abilities are raised by actively growing your community.

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