Getting Started

Part I - Installing Star Wars Galaxies

Skip this section if you alredy have Star Wars Galaxies installed.

You WILL NEED a copy of Star Wars Galaxies. You DO NOT need to have any of the expansions, and not having the expansions, will not affect your gameplay, in any way, shape or form. The game can be purchased from Amazon or EBay, for a range of different prices. You can use anything that contains Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. If you had previously purchased the game through Steam, please continue reading on how to re-download, if you uninstalled it. If not, then you can skip the section below.

Installing Through Steam

  1. Click on Library and select ALL GAMES.
  2. Look for the greyed out, "Star Wars Galaxies" and click on it.
  3. Click on Install.
  4. In the new window that comes up, take note of the installation location for the game (the text inside the dropdown menu). In my case, it will be displayed under, "C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam". Once you have done that, press Next.
  5. A window will now ask if you want to have a shortcut placed on your desktop. There is no point for this unless you plan on trying to connect to SoE's server, which you can't do any longer.
  6. Now the game will start installed. Ignore the next window that comes up with the broken link, and press Finish.
  7. Once it has finished installing, continue to Part II.

Installing Through Windows

  1. Insert the game disc inside the CD Drive.
  2. Click Next on the first welcome screen.
  3. Click Next again on the welcome screen.
  4. Read the License Agreement fully and select I Agree.
  5. On the next screen, take note of the Destination Folder. You will need to know this later for patching the installation with the Launcher.
  6. Select Next after that.
  7. Let the game install, inserting the discs when necessary.
  8. Once the installation process has finished, proceed to Part II.

Part II - Updating and Patching Vision of Hope

Download the Patcher for the Launcher either by clicking on the "Download the Launcher" under the How To Play menu or by clicking here. Save patcher file into the same directory that you installed the game in Part I of this installation guide.

Run your, "vohpatcher.exe" file and wait for the patcher to download the Launcher.

Once the patcher finishes downloading the Launcher, goto your installation directory and run the Launcher. Once open, enter your account information and login to the Launcher. Then, click on the Options tab and enter the exact path or location of your installation directory, should be the same one that you choose during Part II of this guide. You can do this by clicking the Change button.

Once you have changed the directory location, the patch button should light up. At that moment, click patch. Once patching is complete, the patch button will change to play. Once lit, click on play to launch game client and play the game.

If the launcher is having issues, or for whatever reason you are unable to patch your client, proceed to Part III.

Part III - Manually Updating and Patching Vision of Hope.

You can click on the following links in order to download the latest patch files in order to play on our game servers:

- VoH Base Files
- VoHTre00
- VoHTre01
- VoHTre02
- VoHTre03
- VoHTre04
- VoHTre05
- VoHTre06

Once you have downloaded the patch files above. Unzip the compressed file into your Vision of Hope directory, and then, move the .tre files into the same directory. You are now finished and can now play the game.