The following is a disclaimer due to inherent flaws into the bug reporting software, please read all the terms before continuing to attempting to report your bugs, which are: Our Bug Reporting Software, Mantis, contains inherent flaws that... cause the email functions to bug, which causes all Emails to be swallowed into an endless, black hole.

The Known Email Functions, that have been confirmed as bugs, include, but are not limited to:

  • Lost Password
  • Registration
  • Bug Tracking Confirmations

If you have just registered for an Account, was set a password by an Admin previously, or you cannot remember the password you had and need a new one setup. You can message one of the following staff, on discord, to resolve the issue, to get you setup:

After having read this, make sure that you check the box below, which states, that you acknwoledge the issues and what you can do to resolve them, and then the Proceed button, to head over to Mantis.

I Agree To The Above