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Thread: Allegiance Patch: 005

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    Allegiance Patch: 005

    Hello Everyone:

    The Allegiance Server will be taken offline today on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 6:00PM CST, so that Patch: 005 can be pushed onto the server. Provided there are no complications or issues that arise with this patch, the server will be brought back online without delay. You can find the patch notes below.

    Patch Notes


    • Added Snowspeeder ITV to Game.
    • Added Resource Supply Generator Veteran Reward.
    • Added Character Respec Reset Device Veteran Reward.
    • Added In-Depth Calculations For The Rare Loot System Drop Rates.
    • Added all 23 Costumes From Live That Were Missing.
    • Added Server Loading and Highest Population Logging for Server Status Widgets.
    • Modified Rare Loot System So Loot Drop Rate Can Now Be Set In Server Configurations.
    • Rare Loot System Loot Crates Can Now Contain Items Below Their Rarity.
    • Fixed More Broken Item Strings In The Rare Loot System.
    • Fixed An Issue With The GCW Hat Schematics.
    • Fixed Some Invalid Spawn Errors.
    • Fixed Other Minor Things That Aren't Worth Mentioning.


    • Added More Items from the TCG Series 8.
    • Added All Zabrak Hair Styles from Live.
    • Added Many Missing Paintings and Furniture.
    • Added Portable Bazaar and Space Terminals.
    • Fixed an Issue with the Tatooine Style 1 Guild Hall.

    Iosnowore & GreenRegulus

    • Added Many Missing RLS Items to the Loot Tables.

    Client patches will be published throughout the next day or two. Please make sure you keep your client update to-date!

    May the Force be with you all, and Happy Testing!

    - SWG: VoH STAFF
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