Hello Everyone:

The Indominus Server was taken offline on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 11:00PM EST, so that HotFix: 0.1.6 can be pushed. The complete patch notes are available below:

Patch Notes

Player Structures
  • Fixed issue with Crescent Moon House Sign being incorrectly placed on Mustafarian Bunkers.
  • Fixed null pointer exception error when players tried to radial signs in their inventory without having a target.
  • Changed vendor pack-up to always be enabled.

Player Cities
  • Fixed issue where cities would specialize into experimentation and would not get the experimentation bonus.

Rare Loot System
  • Fixed issue with Luckjack Machine schematic not granting the draft schematic in player datapads.

Server Infrastructure
  • Increased loader/persister threads to increase server speed and stability.
  • Code cleanup and optimizations.

May the Force be with you all!!