Hello Everyone:

The Indominus Server will be taken offline on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 3:20AM EST, so that Hotfix 0.1.3 can be pushed. The complete patch notes are available below:

Patch Notes

  • Added Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 rewards for players upon login.
  • Fixed incorrect painting on Nightsister WoD vendor.
  • Fixed incorrect conversation responses for Corellia space stations.
  • Fixed bug where Advanced Harvesting expertise wouldn’t give a bonus to harvester extraction rates.
  • Other general code optimizations.

  • Added event tokens and WoD tokens to character builder terminal.
  • Fixed issue where Omogg’s Representative NPC would wander around it’s spawn area.

SWG Source Repository
  • Prevented sending of unauthorized controller messages used to gain God Mode.
  • Optimized space spawner script.

The space and structure factories bug fixes will not be included with this hotfix.

May the Force be with you all!!