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Thread: Allegiance Patch: 004

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    Allegiance Patch: 004

    Hello Everyone:

    The Allegiance Server was taken offline today on Saturday, August 5, 2017, so that Patch: 004 could be pushed. There were no initial complications with this update and the server was brought online without incident or much delay. The complete patch notes can be found below:

    Patch Notes

    Contributions by Iosnowore

    • Added Fedora Hat and Whip Belt
    • Added Legendary Weapons.
    • Added Override Option to allow Crafted Armor Color Kits to Color Static Armor.
    • Added Perfect Quality Lightsaber Power Crystals.
    • Added Imperial and Rebel GCW Helmets / Schematics.
    • Added Infiltrator Armor to the Heroic Vendors.
    • Changed Guardian Jewelry Set from Block Chance to Glancing Blow.
    • Changed Jedi Counselor Robes to Same Stats as Elder Robes.
    • Fixed Issue with RLS Loot Chests not being Added to the Loot Roll.
    • Fixed Issue with GCW Banners not granting Entertainer and Trader Buffs.
    • Infiltrator Armor is now Deconstractable.
    • Removed No-Trade Flag from all Jedi Robes.
    • Removed Unique Flag from Heroism, Tragedy, and Tinkerer Left Bracelets.
    • Updated all Lightsaber Color Crystal Damages to Final Patch.

    Contributions by Tyrone

    • Fixed Issue where Combat Upgrade Plaques would be issued upon Every Character Login.
    • Fixed and Optimized Client Chat Error.

    Contributions by GreenRegulus

    • Added more Series 8 TCG Items.

    May the Force be with you all, and Happy Testing!!

    - SWG: VoH STAFF
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    Already farther than legends and we're just starting week 3. #Winning

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