Hello Everyone:

The Indominus Server will be taken offline today on Saturday, September 02, 2017, so that Hotfix 1.1 can be pushed. There were no initial complications with this update and the server was brought online without incident or much delay. The complete patch notes can be found below:

Patch Notes


  • Disabled useless Armor Logging.
  • Entertainers and Traders may no longer trigger RLS drops.
  • Fixed Issue with multi-passenger vehicles not working.
  • Fixed Issues with players not getting Exceptional and Legendary RLS Collections when opening RLS Loot Chests.
  • Increased Level Cap for the tutorial from 10 to 15.
  • Reduced Drop Chance of RLS Loot Chests on Tansari Point Station and Station Gamma by 50%.
  • Updated Daily Mission Terminal Limit to 30 for next two days, in order to compensate for the loss of the last two days, upon which will be set to 20 per day for the duration of the bonus events.

May the Force be with you all, and Happy Testing!!